Transfer Services

With our company you have got the opportunity to choose between transfer or private Chauffeur services and your safe luggage transportation. If you are planning to visit our island for holidays, or for work and you dont want to waste your precious time trying to rent a car,try to find place for parking, or driving in traffic jams, please all that stress let it to us.

Υour vacation should be carefree and enjoyable! We have got new generation of vans mini vans! Sit comfortably and enjoy the route, listening your favorite music, drinking a coffee or cold water and eating a snack! The only thing you have to do is to write us the place the day and the time of your arrival the day and the time of your departure, the number of the passengers the number of your luggage and final your road trip-tour schedule.

We are the first company with flexible drivers. Pickup location from airport, ports, hotel, villa's. Drop off to anywhere. Ask for our services. Make a request.

With our priority of your safe and comfortable transportation, we take care to perfectly serve the needs of your trip.